Excited about Vitalik Buterin and etherium decentrilised computing, I had a great ethical experience with UETH during EDCON 2023. I found some quests there who helped me a lot in our try to trace stolen funds

Also I engaged in retrodrop and wallet mint activities. And they very disapoint me. The frontend of the exercise was problematic, with lags and unresponsive feedback sections. The university's lack of response mirrored typical crypto companies, neglecting response and consumer protection. Ethereum Foundation's trajectory seems to favor not just elitism, but also jeopardizing its role as a good alighment organization

While UETH may not be entirely bad, it falls short of being good. Consumer feedback about frontend and in smart-contract is ignored, and winning strategies favor in-house players, reminiscent of scam gambling platforms. It's not enough to find winning strategy because UETH could just not paid your winning. The promise to plant trees excitment but doesn't compensate for the dissatisfaction caused by ignored error reports and unpaid winnings and do not keeping their word. And most likely everything will only get worse with growing of UETH size. I met a lot of high IQ tech eth enthusiasts that much clever than me but High IQ is not enough to be good

A call for a more ethically model or effective information processing system resonates, aiming for safe and responsible crypto gambling for it's costumers. In the era of decentralized computing and potential dangers from GAI alighment and possible quantum hacking of weak Jsons, responsibility and rise of good ethic is paramount. Hope you will become good!

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Hi Petr - Thanks a lot for pointing out the mix-up with the retrodrop. We dove into the details and confirmed you snagged 50 DAI. Apologies for any confusion along the way; our prizes were not designed to be stackable, and it seems the message got a bit muddled. Unfortunately, we only realized this mix-up occurred for you months after the claim window had closed.

With that said, we're really happy to hear you had a great experience EDCON 2023. We're all about building and supporting our community ethos, and it's feedback like yours that helps us get better. As a token for our appreciation for your feedback and keep the good vibes going, we'd love to offer you a complimentary pass to EDCON 2024 in Tokyo. Just drop us a line at lead@ueth.org, and we'll get you set up.

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Happy to see that you look at comments. This is a sign of a great organization.

Thank you! You make my day.

Overall, universities and foundations are crucial global centers that largely contribute to the sustainable development of modern civilization.

It's also remarkable how many problems could have been prevented and avoided if crypto projects carefully read replies in their own comments. For example, in 2022, there was a major hack of Binance/3Commas partnership, where both companies ignored comments from social hacker-alarmists. Subsequently, companies directly lied to their users about the possibility of getting their funds back if they could prove their innocence.

More details about this can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/petr-andreev-841953198_crypto-and-ai-threat-summary-activity-7165511031920836608-K2nF?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop.

As we can see, the crypto infrastructure is vulnerable to both artificial intelligence issues (especially degenerates with high IQs with access to the latest technology but not to humanitarian education) in terms of hacking and transferring funds. It lacks accountability infrastructure, even in jurisdictions like Estonia, where the remarkable Jan Tallin, one of the main founders of the Institute of Future Life, hails from. It is very difficult to hold responsible parties accountable, even when law enforcement has all the information and research.

This results in a crisis in the classical legal system, including the UN, and the code is law system has proven to be ineffective. At least yet.

Moreover even well-known figures like Sam Bankman, Do Kwon, and now CZ have turned out to be outright liars, promising one thing and doing something completely different.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that universities and foundations, especially Ethereum, can demonstrate themselves in a better light.

Regarding "not designed to be stackable," the presence of a second basket, still to be announced, suggests that it was indeed intended to be stackable. It's obvious that if a person (i.e., myself) was supposed to receive $50 or $82, even if the prize doesn't stack, the person should still receive $82 DAI – that seems evident!

As for the free ticket, I'm very grateful, although I'm not deeply technical in crypto, not a coder, not a major investor. If somehow I find a grant to come and get a ticket from Montenegro to Japan, I will gladly attend this important event.

Can I get a flight as part of your offer if I volunteer or perform other functions? Or can I transfer this ticket to others?

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Petr - thanks for your thought provoking comment! While we'r not able to provide additional travel support as part of our offer, here is your unique link to claim your EDCON 2024 ticket. It can only be used once, and you are welcome to gift it to a friend if you prefer: https://www.edcon.io/ticket/apply?type=usd&id=13&code=JA2WJ2X6G9


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